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Save the Bees — Ban Neonicotinoid Pesticides ›

"One study has shown that the suspected residues of neonicotinoid pesticides in high fructose corn syrup (fed to bees by commercial beekeepers) can cause honeybee hives to die out."

I am frustrated that people are connecting the dots so late, but at least they are connecting them. And doing so through scientific study.
"Utne’s report doesn’t tackle the huge question raised by this discovery of pesticide residues in corn syrup — What about the effects on humans who eat huge amounts of food containing corn syrup and many other corn products? Persistent, systemic pesticides simply have no place in food production. The reasons to grow your own food just keep growing."
As someone who has an allergy to nicotine, a natural insecticide produced by plants in the nightshade family (and mimicked by the neonicotinoid pesicides), I can tell when I’ve eaten corn, corn products, or other food crops treated with neonicotinoid pesticides by the painful and inconveniencing allergic reaction that ensues.
Until we start listening to science before we listen to bribes and lobbyists, I’m just going to keep doing my own thing over here, in my garden.
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Seeds Are Really Amazing If You Think About It…

You take this inert little dry speck and you stick it in the dirt, give it water and sunshine and IT TURNS INTO A FUCKING PLANT AND MAKES FOOD HOW AMAZING IS THAT.

So I started peppers and squash today.

We planted a lot just in case some seeds didn’t sprout. But if they all come up I’m tearing up the lawn to plant them YOU CAN’T EAT GRASS IT’S AN IDIOTIC CROP FOR US BECAUSE WE NEVER USE OUR YARD.

Peas and salad greens can go directly into the garden in a week or two. AFTER I WAGE MORE RIGHTEOUS WAR ON THE WEEDS AUGH THEY’RE EVERYWHERE THE LITTLE BASTARDS.

Also we got a compost tumbler! I’m so excited /owo\